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Kiki Bandy On Abortion, Heart Break

Kiki Bandy well known for her controversial live on Facebook, lacks support from the boyfriend who claim that she has contracted him with HIV and has no hopes of giving birth. However, based on the leaked conversation, Kiki was once more on her kneels begging for love. Abortion in Cameroon is illegal , does it means Kiki committed a crime? However, we plead for the boyfriend to get her back as no one is perfect.



Source : CNL

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  1. I knew about this for long. This is sickening

  2. Lol. Operation u fake me I fake u too hahhahhaa

    • One thing all 3 characters involved is gossip and gossip is the cousin of greed and malice.
      This brings me 2 an article last year a pastor said this crisis will expose people.
      Leave politics for the politicians.
      Strategist at large!

  3. Hzhahahajajahajahaha I like this social media hahzhzhzzhahzh

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