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Government’s Confidential Documents’ Leakers Will Be Sanctioned

On March 29, 2018, Philémon Yang sent a circular to the decentralized territorial units’ officials and to the managing directors of public institutions and companies.

In the circular, he revealed that in defiance of the rules in force, government institutions and companies’ confidential document and information were regularly disclosed to an unauthorized public. He further informed that because of the vulgarization of the internet and new electronic communication tools, the dissemination of this info was accentuated.

According to the minister, apart from compromising the efficiency of public actions, this constitutes serious harms to the security of the state which is increasingly confronted with multifaceted security threats.

Also, to put an end to this, the minister advises the officials to ensure that public agents respect the professional discretion required by the civil service regulation. This, until the government’s data platform and privacy policy, is finalized.

Moreover, Philémon Yang asks to bring the public agents suspected of violation of the professional discretion obligation to the competent disciplinary commission. He also advised them to place only people with an unquestionable probity in their services’ mail processing chain.



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