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Elecam voter registration hit by Anglophone crisis

The national Electoral board is also feel the pinch of the crisis rocking the two English-speaking regions of the country with voter registration hitting a new low in the affected regions.

This is according to statistics from Elections Cameroon which reveals 275,220 new voters have registered on the electoral list from January 3 – June 1, 2018.

However the South West and North West Regions have the lowest registration rates with a combined 8,994 out of the 275,220 newly registered voters. The Littoral Region tops the chart with 75,487 new voters, followed by the Centre Region with 50,998.

Out of the newly registered voters, there are 168,621 males and 106,599 females while some 188,172 youths whose ages range from 20 to 35 years have also registered.
Elecam is still compiling statistics from the various registration centres in the diaspora and have said they will make it public in the nearest future.

However, the figures fall well below the seven million total target set by Elecam at the start of the year as Municipal, Legislative and Presidential elections approach.


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