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SW Elites, Chiefs reject Cardinal Tumi’s Anglophone General Conference

Some South West elites and traditional rulers based in Yaoundé have rejected the Anglophone General Conference (AGC) convened by retired Archbishop Christian Cardinal Tumi and a host of other clerics.

 Meeting this weekend in Yaounde, where most of them live and work, the elites and chiefs argued that the conference scheduled for Buea this August is untimely and precipitated.

According to the chiefs and elites, only solutions provided by the Government can trace a pathway for peace in Cameroon and the South West in particular.

In this light, they projected themselves as the real emissaries and representatives of the people of the South West Region and argued that they would be meeting the Head of State, Paul Biya in person, in the days ahead to discuss the real plight of the people, which in their view, is genuinely represented by the original grievances of Lawyers and Teachers.

The mood among the elites and traditional rulers was that of regaining back their lawful position which is now usurped by religious leaders thanks to the conflict ongoing in their traditional and political fief.

It was another confidence building rendezvous and a lieu to rebuild their image and pride which is being watered down by the ongoing events and individuals which they abhorred vehemently.

They also lamented the fact that the economy of the Region which used to be one of the biggest in the country owing to natural endowments and the presence of two agro-industrial giants, CDC and PAMOL has been reduced to tatters.

They also encouraged traditional leaders, who have taking refuge elsewhere because of the violence to return to their regular place of abode and promised them State security and protection.

Paradoxically, some traditional rulers, who have been away from their domicile for several months were also in attendance. It is still not known whether they would, in the days ahead take to the roads to live with their people, most of who are in the bushes and foreign lands. However, the resolutions of the meeting are already facing a serious backlash as one of the prominent traditional rulers of the Region was feared to have been assassinated this Sunday.

The meeting also saw attendees, most of who were drawn from the ruling CPDM party renewing their “unflinching” support to party Chairman, Paul Biya and challenged their compatriots to grant him time to foster the process of Decentralisation under a Unitary-Discentralised System of Government.





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