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Istanbul FA-Mount Cameroon FC: The Haves Vs The Have Nots

Istanbul FA



By Basil K Mbuye


When these two sides will meet in Tiko on Thursday, January 30 at 1PM, history will witness the battle between The Haves (Mount Cameroon FC) that has once won the Cup of Cameroon against The Have Nots (Istanbul FA) that are yet to taste the Cup’s glory.

Playing a derby away from home, it will be the second time in history that both sides are meeting.

The first time they met was on Tuesday, December 17 during the AE Sports Management Tourney and it was Istanbul FA that carried the day 4-0.

Weeks after, the fate of these two clubs in the Cup of Cameroon lies in their hands.

Coming into the competition as best losers after losing to ISOHSA after post match penalties, Istanbul FA are willing to correct their errors.

They humbled NQSA 2-0 and will be facing a Mount Cameroon side that seems to be growing in the competition.

Istanbul is the lone Divisional League side still in the race and they will have to down Mount Cameroon FC if they are to make history.

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