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Cameroon version of Silicon Valley to go operational in 2030

YAOUNDE, Feb. 21 Xinhua  | Cameroon plans to unveil a new technology hub called “Cameroon Silicon River” in its capital city here by 2030, officials said on Thursday.

“Every African country needs to have its own African silicon valley. Cameroon wants to build a silicon nation, that is to say put in together all the efforts to be number one in Africa in terms of technology and innovation,” said Martin Fouda, head of the department of technological innovations at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation.

The new tech hub is modeled after the U.S. Silicon Valley and will take up a sizeable portion of the country’s budget, officials said. An inter-ministerial committee has been set up to spearhead the initiative.

The government says Cameroon Silicon River will be a platform for research and innovation that provides infrastructure and support for young, creative, and entrepreneurial software developers and other technologists.

Cameroon already has a privately-run center for high technology, innovation and social media named Silicon Mountain in the country’s Southwest region that has produced groundbreaking innovations. Enditem

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