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Torrential Rains Wreak Havoc In Buea



By Basil K Mbuye & Hope Nda

Residents in Buea, March 24, battled to contain run-off after torrential rains caused heavy floods in some parts of the City of Legendary Hospitality.

The floods are hitting Buea 15 years after. The last time inhabitants of Buea witnessed such a scenario was on July 24, 2005. Then, many houses and property were destroyed.

Just like in 2005, no lives were lost in the March 24 incident. But the floods caused enormous material damages. Many are worried that the situation might get worst in the heart of the Rainy Season.

Inhabitants of Buea were surprised to see the havoc caused by the rain, given that it rained just for two hours and the rains, to them, were not too heavy to trigger such floods.

The run-off descending from Mount Cameroon was black in colour causing some panic in the hearts of many city dwellers. Many people were already murmuring that the flood may have been triggered by an eruption.

The run-off descended at a terrific speed and a tremendous momentum, knocking down everything on its way and ravaging homes, business premises and offices.

Speaking to The Post, Wednesday March 25, some Buea inhabitants said they spent the entire night working to create drainages to let water out of their homes and neighbourhoods. The run-off demolished the walls of some fences.

“The water dealt with me, it entered every angle of my house. I have been cleaning all day,” lamented Marivon Soffo, a resident of Bonduma.

Some Buea denizens have blamed the floods on the lack of a drainage system in the city and the poor and haphazard construction of houses on water ways, among others. To some, poor town planning in Buea has resulted in the lack of good drainage systems, while others attribute it to poor garbage disposal.

Some observers blamed the Buea Council for failing to handle the situation of good drainage in the municipality. This is because houses that were earmarked for demolition because they were constructed on water ways have not been demolished by the Council because of fear or favour. If the decision to demolish such houses is not implemented, mercy for property would be the opportunity cost of lives in the future.

How Buea Black ‘Thursday’ Was Prophesied


Before the March 24 flood in Buea, a certain Prophet Henry Betang from Hopfan Church, had in in a live broadcast on his Facebook page, March 19, allegedly prophesied that something bad will happen in Buea.

Hear him: “What I saw about Buea is very bad. The people of Buea should pray because something will hit Buea. It will be like an eruption. What I’m seeing is not Coronavirus, it will hit only Buea. It is going to be like an eruption and there will be a lot of casualties. The security will not be able to control it. We just have to pray. It will happen on a Thursday. Our sisters and brothers in Buea need our prayers. I don’t know if it is gas, but what I am seeing is bad.”

Minutes after the floods in Buea, his video went viral creating panic in some people, while to others, the floods was natural.

Even though no house collapsed, some were greatly affected. Amongst the houses affected was Prophet Betang’s Hopfan Church building at Santa Barbara, where worshippers spent most of their Wednesday cleaning.

From Buea Town where it halted road traffic for some hours, the runoffs flew unrestrained down the slopes of Mt Fako towards the lower neighbourhoods of Bonduma, Santa Babara, Biaka Street and Ndongo.

Traffic at Buea Town and around the Molyko Police Station was halted for a while, as the overflow also carried alongside building materials at some building sites.

Many inhabitants of the Bonduma and Santa Barbara neighbourhoods,who were affected, spent Wednesday, March 25, sunning their household items, including sofas soaked by the muddy run-off.

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