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COVID-19 Fallout: We Are Not Football Rebels-President Awantoh Henry


President of Options Sports Academy, Awantoh Henry Neba



By Dean Mongo Eyieh

Fecafoot COVID-19 gifts to players in the amateur leagues in Cameroon have been deemed insufficient that’s the view of the President of Southwest regional football club, Awantoh Henry Neba.

The 2019/2020 Southwest Regional League have been cancelled due to widespread of the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic.

Options SA invested heavily during the offseason and despite limping in front of the finishing line in the second phase of the season President Awantoh Henry Neba has revealed his club will not a party to any exercise that makes a mockery of what the club represents.

” We are not football rebels. We have invested time, energies and money this campaign and for national Fecafoot to wake up one morning and cancelled the season without appropriate compensation is a mark of disrespect.

“To rob salt into existing wounds only twenty players are set to benefit from the donations. Is that not injustice to football especially as we have more than thirty players on our payroll” he said

In an open letter addressed to the Cameroon Football Federation last week, some Club Presidents expressed their grievances over the lack of compensation.

They wrote:

” We are surprised that no significant accompanying measures have been taken, to caution the disastrous effects of the termination and de facto annulment of the season at the amateur level”.

” The touted automatic reaffirmation of clubs is, to say the least, largely insufficient, as this represents an insufficient portion of expenses that clubs bear in any given season” the letter further states

They further anchored the arguments on the premises that unlike the other regions, the southwest regional football championship was well over 75 per cent through at the time the championship was halted. They wonder aloud why they have to pay a high price.

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