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Cameroon Paid FCFA 2B To B’Haram For Hostage Release

The action group against money laundering in Central Africa has published results of an investigation, revealing the government of Cameroon paid a whooping sum of 2billion FCFA to Boko Haram terrorists for the release of the Moulin-Fournier French family of seven in 2013. The reports says the Nigeria-based so-called Islamic …

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Kiki Bandy Leaked Photos #NudeKiki

One of Kiki Bandy’s boyfriend is not slowing down in leaking her nude pictures. Based on information circulating on the internet, an allege photo of a nude Kiki is making headlines in La Republic de Cameroun. Girls be careful with who you date. The question remains , “is it because …

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Kiki Bandy On HIV Therapy

Cameroonian  female blogger Kiki Bandy is no stranger to controversy. After claiming she cut her hair for purpose, some of her followers insisted that it is due to side effects from the anti retro-viral drugs she is constantly on. The rumour circulated alongside a picture of her with a copy of her lab …

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Kiki Bandy On Abortion, Heart Break

Kiki Bandy well known for her controversial live on Facebook, lacks support from the boyfriend who claim that she has contracted him with HIV and has no hopes of giving birth. However, based on the leaked conversation, Kiki was once more on her kneels begging for love. Abortion in Cameroon …

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Cameroonian Female Blogger Kiki Bandy Spreading HIV

“There is no smoke without fire” it has been rumoured that one of Cameroon’s female blogger by name Kiki Bandy contracted HIV/AIDS and is not slowing down in spreading it. These doubts can only be clarified by her, however she kept her silence on this matter. Her previous boy friend made …

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