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Salatiel Sets New Record With “Anita”

Cameroonian singer Livenja Bessong aka Salatiel has set a new record as his hit video “Anita” released a month ago has reached 1 million views on YouTube. This fit was achieved in just 29 days. Before the release of this hut video, Salatiel has promised his fans that he was going to drop a marvel …

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Numérica, Blanche Bailly Get Together!

The two artists came together to release the clip called “Favor”. Lies! Numérica and Blanche Bailly do not write together contrary to what the videos that circulated on the web suggest. The two Cameroonian artists decided instead to join their voices for a title. The announcement of this next music was …

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K-Tino To Pay Tribute To Tino Baroza’s Memory

Female Bikutsi artist k-Tino plans to pay tribute late guitarist Tino Baroza. The funeral of guitarist emeritus Tino Baroza will officially take place from May 30 to June 1. Before the burial of the legendary guitarist, artists wish to pay him homage with a string of melodies. One of such …

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