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Cameroon: Troop death toll from separatist raid climbs to ten

At least ten soldiers are now known to have been killed by separatists of the English-speaking Southern Cameroon’s Ambazonia Consortium United Forces, (SCACUF). The separatist group is campaigning for the total independence of the northwest and southwest regions from the rest of the country. On Thursday, the initial death toll …

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Paul Biya vows to rid Cameroon of secessionists

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has told the state broadcaster (CRTV) that all appropriate measures had been taken to defeat the English-speaking secessionists of the Southern Ambazonia Consortium United Front (SCACUF) who have killed ten regular troops in less than a month. The president made the remarks just after returning from …

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2018: Another year of mega projects, Cameroon’s government says

On November 29, 2017, Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Philémon Yang, has presented parliamentarians the government’s 2018 social, financial and economic programme. This was as deputies of the SDF, the country’s leading opposition party, were asking for the opening of a debate on the crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions. According to the …

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