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Bakassi Peninsular: Recruitment Begins For 500 Young Farmers

After regaining full ownership of Bakassi on August 14, 2008, the government of Cameroon has been leaving no stone unturned to resettle Cameroonian citizens on the peninsula to trigger an economic boom through fishing, agriculture and ordinary life activities. The re-population of Bakassi will begin in earnest on some 3,000 …

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Cameroon Modifies 2018 Finance Bill

On June 4, 2018, Paul Biya signed a prescription modifying Cameroon’s 2018 finance bill. In the current bill, the country’s budget which was set at CFA4,513.5 billion is increased to CFA4,689.5 billion (an increase by CFA176 billion). This increase can be explained by the fact that in December 2017 when …

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Armed Men Succumb To Gendarme Bullets In Douala

Some 8 armed robbers have been apprehended by Gendarmes around BP Cite, a neighborhood Douala, Monday. They were caught after a failed attempt to rob two Mobile Money Sales agents in the area at about midday. The armed men, after engaging in a shootout with Gendarmes were overpowered as their …

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