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Cameroon Couple Cries for Help for Conjoined Twins

Eurweb  | *Twenty-four-year-old Caroline Enjewi was overjoyed when the results of her pregnancy ultrasound revealed that she was carrying twins. She saw it as God’s will after her first child was stillborn. But her expectations turned into a nightmare when she delivered her babies by cesarean section in Yaounde, Cameroon. Her twin …

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Notorious gang leader killed in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region

Xinhua  | The Cameroon army said Sunday its troops have killed a notorious gang leader of multiple high-profile crimes in restive English-speaking region of Northwest. The gang leader simply identified as Funteh alais Mad Dog was killed in an operation conducted by Special Forces early Sunday in Bamenda, the region’s chief town, …

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J &T Fashionista Makes Elegance Fashion Affordable

    By Basil K Mbuye Gone are the days of thinking of what to wear to attend a wedding, job interview, a date, an event as J &T Fashionista has come to make everything simple. You can build out your entire wardrobe by just making a stop at the …

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