SCNC Activists Missing As Gov’t Intensifies Crackdown

SCNC members arrested

By Eric Nfor

Activists of the Southern Cameroons National Council advocating for an independent Southern Cameroons state are nowhere to be found since the government of Cameroon launched a massive crackdown on them.

Since a rise in activities by the activists of the Southern Cameroons National Council, pressurising the government of Cameroon for what they call an independent Ambazonia State, the government has resorted to unorthodox approaches to shut down the movement. There are reports of gross human rights violations all aimed at cracking down the movement to extinction.

Activists in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon, that is, the Northwest and Southwest have gone through hell in the hands of government security forces. Some have even died in the process, some maimed, imprisoned illegally while others have simply been assassinated.

Activist like Sam Abia, Fru Nolan, Bayuh EyongTambi, Justine Lum among others, who have made the Molyko SCNC branch vibrant in the quest for an independent Southern Cameroons top the list of those the government wants in their net by all cost, according to inside sources at the National Security Services.

It should be recalled that on October 1, 2013, members of this branch who had earlier held a meeting with Nfor Ngala Nfor to plan the celebration of their independence were arrested in Buea.

Amongst them is one Bayuh Eyong Tambi who since returning to Cameroon has helped the Molyko wing to become more active, advocating for the respect of human rights and justice.

Going by reports, the arrested SCNC activists were taken to an unknown destination where they were held for almost seven days without food and denied visits.

Molyko SCNC activist Bayuh Eyong Tambi arrested

According to one of the victims, during the period they were arrested, they were tortured, forced to sleep naked on wet floors in dark rooms.

They were later released after they had signed undertakings; that they will not take part in future SCNC protests and meetings.

SCNC Activists Violate Undertaking

But their deep conviction in what they are fighting for and the continuous marginalisation of English speaking Cameroonians, according to them, pushed them to violate undertaking, as they revived their activities in 2016, attempting to disrupt May 20 national day celebrations in Buea.

SCNC Molyko activist in cuffs

The activists were arrested again and while they were in the police truck, some of them were smart to escape from the truck transporting them.

Among them is Bayuh who is one of the most wanted in the list since many believe that his return from England with fresh ideas is what has revitalised the Molyko SCNC wing. At one point, SCNC activists were arrested at the Mile 17 roundabout, dressed in SCNC t-shirts while doing what the activists termed ‘community service’.

Going by reports, a special order from Yaoundé has been issued, authorising government forces to bring Bayuh, Kum and Paul Suh by all cost as they believe these are the ring leaders masterminding SCNC activities in Buea and the entire South West region of Cameroon.

Bayuh Eyong Tambi is believed to be the link between the diaspora and the activists in Cameroon, owing to his long stay in England. It is hugely believed that the SCNC movement is financed by the anglophone diaspora and Bayuh is believed to be their trusted link, which has led to a more intensified search for him.

Most of the activists who have been arrested are being detained under horrendous and inhuman conditions. Some have died in detention while the whereabouts of others remains unknown.

The government forces usually carry out surprise visits to the homes of some of these activists, their family members and close friends are constantly harassed as the manhunt for them intensifies. Since the news of an order from Yaoundé filtered into their ears, the whereabouts of these activists is unknown.

The government of Cameroon, in order to shut down the calls for an independent Ambazonia State, has used all means possible to silence these activists, most often grossly violating their human rights, freedom of expression and freedom to self-determination.

There are many reports of activists assassinated, tortured, maimed and many illegally imprisoned for an unspecified duration.

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