Mgr Kleda Meeting In Buea Meets Deadlock

The meeting conveyed by Arch Bishop Samuel Kleda in Buea ended on an impasse as he failed to convince the bishop in Buea to accept that Catholic schools should resume in Fako. The meeting was held yesterday in Buea between the Bishop of Buea, Archbishop of Douala and president of the Episcopal conference to get schools started.

This was after the meeting earlier held between administrators of Littoral persuaded Bishop Samuel Kleda to make a call and ask parents to send their kids to school. According to the Bishop of Buea he could not work against the wish of the parents. He insisted the government should release all the detainees and open doors for fresh negotiations and dialogue.

To him, the Catholic Church has done her best to solve the Anglophone crisis but the government has given the church a deaf ear. According to an inhabitant of Buea, sending children to school is not a way to show that the government is concerned about the welfare of the Anglophones.

“The push by this regime to see mission schools open is only for the benefits of their Francophone kids who have flooded these mission schools. It has nothing to do with love for our own people, and seeing our kids educated. Only a return to the lost Southern Cameroons State can give our educational and legal system as well as other institutions the sustainability they need to survive” says a grumbling inhabitant of Buea.


source: Cameroon Concord

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