2000 Used Condoms Extracted From Students’ Hostel In Y’de

The population of Bonamoussadi Neighbourhood in Yaounde was dazed after over 2000 used condoms, measuring 11 containers of 20 litres each were extracted from a septic tank in a students’ hostel. The used condoms recently dug from a septic tank of the Titanic Hostel were transported to the garbage bin in buckets.

The incident raised questions as to whether the hostel is occupied by students or commercial sex workers.

The poor functioning of the toilets in the hostel caused the landlord to hire the services of a plumber to diagnose the problem.

Expressing bewilderment to what he saw, the landlord said the septic tank was opened following numerous complaints from tenants on the poor functioning of the toilets.

“Several tenants complained to the caretaker, who in turn told me that the hostel toilets were no longer flushing human waste. I then hired a plumber to look into the situation, thinking that erosion could have caused soil particles to block some of the pipes. Little did I know that condoms were the reasons for the blockage.

This is indeed really terrible and disappointing for students to produce 11 buckets of used condoms from just one septic tank. I can only imagine what the opposite building of this same hostel will produce when the septic tank is also opened,” the landlord stated in disappointment.

The landlord wondered whether the students are actually in Yaounde to study or on a canal knowledge adventure.

“With such a number of used condoms extracted from the septic tank, when do these children study? Lord have mercy,” he exclaimed.

One of the occupants of the hostel said she prefers flushing used condoms due to the wicked nature of mankind. “There was a day I saw a “madman at a garbage dump picking only used sanitary towels, condoms and toilet papers. This really scared me.

Since then, I decided to flush the used condoms into the toilet to be sure no one can have possession of it,” she narrated.

She added that her boyfriend further scared her and made her to continue in the habit of flushing used condoms.

“There was a day he showed up slightly before midnight and requested we make love. After that, he wrapped the used condom and moved away with it saying that he was going to dump it in his house.

I was so scared, given that, he was travelling to his village the next day and I requested for it to be flushed into the toilet before my very own eyes.

So you see, I fear throwing used condoms into the garbage bin. I however acknowledge contributing to the 11 buckets extracted from the septic tank,” she stated.

Meantime, medics have advised the use of condom during intercourse for unfaithful partners for several reasons, however, according to medics, melting the used condoms remains the best way of deposing it.

This is because condoms do not decompose easily when dumped.


Source: The Post Newspaper

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