A 19-year old masters student has burnt herself to death in Yaounde. Farrhel Abena, committed suicide in the Nsam neighbourhood in Yaounde on Saturday May 5.

Reports say Farrhel Abena bought a couple littres of fuel and took it to her room. She supposedly packed her personal belongings together on her bed and poured some of the fuel on them. She reportedly poured some of it on the walls of her room, went under her mattress and stroke the lighter.

Neighbours rushed to the scene and helped family members put out the flames thinking they were only trying to prevent damage of property. Shock and confusion gripped both family and sympathisers when, they discovered Farrhel Abena’s lifeless body under her mattress consumed by flames.

We gathered her body was burnt to the extent that no mortuary in Yaounde agreed to keep it. The family was obliged to bury her corpse the same day.

Going by the deceased’s father, her daughter’s grades at school were in order. He also told reporters that he did not notice her daughter was going through any form of depression or psychological trouble.

The gendarmerie brigade in the Efoulan neighbourhood has opened an investigation to get to the bottom of the suicide.

Source:Journal du Cameroun

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