8 Cameroonian Soldiers Kidnapped In Chad Still ‘Missing’

Information filtering out of the headquarters of the Cameroon army indicate government still does not know the whereabouts of soldiers of the elite Rapid Intervention Battalion who were seized by the Chadian army.

Going by a sister news outlet, Actu Cameroun, the topic is discussed low key at the communication unit of the ministry of defence. Staff are not allowed to talk much about it, but they all hope some good news would come from Chad in the days ahead.

The Cameroonian soldiers, eight in number, are part of the Joint Multi-national Taskforce. They work alongside Chadian soldiers in the same unit fighting against Boko Haram in the Lake Chad Basin.

Reports say the Cameroonian soldiers whose whereabouts remain unknown were on patrol when they came across highway robbers. They reportedly boarded a Toyota pickup truck and chased the highway robbers and cattle thieves into Chadian territory. They were seized by Chadian soliders in Mayo Kebi-East, some 300km south of the country’s capital, Ndjamena.


Source: Journal Du Cameroon

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