Man Beheads Mother Over ‘Cow Meat’ In Kumba

Police rescue Rexon from mob justice

Police rescue Rexon from mob justice31- year-old Rexson Ebango from Kupe Muanenguba Division threw the population of Kumba into consternation on Tuesday, May 10, when he used a machete to cut off his mother’s head.

The action was a protest over the non availability of cow meat (beef) in his food.

The gruesome incident occurred at the family home of the deceased, located around St Francis Street in the Fiango neighbourhood.

62-year-old Agnes Ebango, was reportedly reading the Holy Bible when her son used the machete to separate her head from the rest of her body in a surprise move.

Eye witness accounts hold that Rexson complained of not eating to his satisfaction after he was served food.

He is said to have been given additional food, but the boy later went to the mother’s pot forcefully to get more food.

He is said to have gone to the pot personally grumbling that he was served soup with only two slices of cow skin commonly known as ‘canda’ instead of meat.

This time around, he reportedly dished himself a good chunk of meat.

The mother is reported to have retorted that since the son has been disturbing everyone in the house, his belongings have already been packed for him to leave the house.

Rixson is said to have retaliated to the mother’s comment, but no one expected him to behead the mother in the process.

Few minutes after the little argument, Rixson reportedly surfaced with a machete and completely cut off the head of his mother.

News of the incident threw the Fiango neighbourhood into pandemonium, as the population streamed to the venue of the incident to witness what sounded like a fairy tale of sorts.

Some used mobile telephone cameras to get the pictures and peddle on the social media.

<strong>Police Intervention</strong><em>

Within 30 minutes after the incidents, elements of the police from the Kumba Central Police Station stormed the scene of the incident and whisked-off the killer-son into custody.

The action of the police prevented looming mob justice.

Meanwhile, at the level of the station, the Central Police Commissioner, Wilson Elong, instructed the security elements to ferry Rixson to the hospital to enable medics stitch wounds found on his head.

In the heat of the incident, the machete which the boy used to behead his mother was brought to the station to help enhance police investigations.

While the remains of the woman have been transported to the appropriate preservation facilities, administrative, judicial and security elements have opened investigations into the incident.


The Post gathered that Rixson has been suffering from mental problems in the last five years.

He is reported to have at one point passed a competitive entrance examination to become a Police Commissioner, but could not undertake studies due to ill health.

Agnes Ebango on her part is said to have just been issued a visa to travel to the United States in the months ahead.

It is reported that, few days after returning from Yaoundé to collect the visa, the deceased visited his native village of Ebonji in Tombel Sub Division and mysteriously became paralysed.

Since then, she was ferried to Kumba until the frightening incident that took her life.


Source: The Post Newspaper

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