State prosecutors have filed complaint against French group Bollore, six months after its train caused a major wreck in Eseka claiming the lives of many Cameroonians.

The disaster which occurred in October 2016, claimed the lives of more than 79 people. The Camrail train was travelling from Yaounde to the commercial capital, Douala, when the accident occurred.

The trial which was postponed to Friday has many lawyers standing for justice for the victims. One of the victim’s lawyer, Michel Voukeng, reportedly said the trial will be an important step for the victims and their families.

“DNA test will be conducted on any remains left in the morgue so that they will be handed over to the families so that they can mourn”.

Meanwhile Serges Zangue, lawyer for French group Bolloré, Camrail said they have reached conclusions in three essential respects: the incompetence of the judge hearing the application for interim measures, the irresponsibility of the action and, above all, the factual and legal impossibility for Camrail to execute    requests made by those judges.