Common Entrance: Gov’t Finally Agrees With Striking Teachers

The Government finally instructed the payment of the total of FCFA60  per marked copy. A news announcement to Anglophone teachers during a crisis meeting chaired Thursday, May 18 by the regional delegate of basic education for the Littoral.

It was with a broad smile that Anglophone teachers began the marking of the Common Entrance in the capital Yaounde on Friday, May 19. 48 hours after the beginning of their strike movement that consisted of not marking copies of candidates, these teachers decided to lift their strike order and set to work.

This decision was taken at the announcement of a news fairly well received on Thursday, May 18 , during a crisis meeting chaired by the regional delegate of basic education for the Center. According to the latter, the Government has instructed them to be paid all the FCFA60 that were provided for by a marked copy.

Even though they were keen to see the Prime Minister’s text fixing the fee for the Common Entrance markings at FCFA 120 , they were delighted with the news. For them there was no question of swallowing this other snake, by accepting the FCFA 33  that were offered to them this year as fee for markings per copy. The same expenses that had already been reduced by half in the previous year.

With this presence of teachers in the marking rooms, candidates can finally hope to have their results in the next few days.



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