Justice Ayah Paul Clocks 4 Months In Detention

Tomorrow Saturday, May 20, 2017 will mark exactly four months since soldiers bundled Supreme Court deputy advocate general out of his residence in Yaounde and took him manu militari to the detention facility of the state secretariat for defence, commonly known by its French acronym, SED.

To this day, the super scale magistrate who is said to be going blind in the dungeons continues to say his detention is illegal and that he is still unaware of his supposed crime. His community manager wrote in a Facebook post earlier today: “But my morale is exceedingly high and I am very serene for I know The Good LORD, the ultimate and incurruptible judge Himself fights for me. I have lived an exemplary life throughout my career in strict respect of the law and in all honesty and integrity. My hands are clean and so I fear not.”

The post also makes mention of the detainee’s worsening health condition. “But my health on the contrary is not at its best as I have picked up a heart condition while my sight has seriously (especially my left eye) depreciated. In the face of the silence maintained by the authorities as to who gave orders for my abduction and what evidence they’ve got against me, I am abandoned to rumours all of which are laughable;” the post reads partly.

In Ayah Paul’s voice, the communicator questions rhetorically; “why am I not taken to court like all the others picked up on account of the anglophone problem in order for me to defend myself against all that is being rumoured (in very high place) in open court before all Cameroonians?; why am I kept here in complete ignorance of what my crime is (if any exists in the first place)?; why are the authorities completely silent as to the reasons behind my being kept here; not even has the national station, to whom I pay taxes, as much as mentioned my name? what is my crime?

It should however be recalled that the former no-nonsense Member of Parliament and leader of the PAP party has been taken to the Mfoundi High Court twice, but has been denied bail.

His family has also been requesting his release, citing the law and his deteriorating health as undisputable reasons.

Other local and international organisations have also called for his immediate release.


Source: Journal du cameroun

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