Cameroon Deploys Navy Patrols To Secure Gulf of Guinea

The Cameroonian authorities have accepted the deployment of four navy patrols off the coast of central and West African countries as part of the operations to fight terrorism and maritime piracy, and secure the Gulf of Guinea, security sources told APA Sunday.

Such a campaign, launched at the port of Douala and initiated by the Cameroonian navy, concerns four countries in this inaugural phase.

Consequently, four Cameroonian warships were deployed as follows: “the Sanaga” for Libreville, Gabon, the “Dipikar” in Pointe-Noire in Congo, “Le Ntem” was dispatched to Calabar, Nigeria, while the “Ebodje” set sail for Malabo in Equatorial Guinea.

Their mission “is part of a regional tour of the navy fleet and a campaign to promote maritime security and safety in the Gulf of Guinea.”

According to the sources, the regional space between the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which extends from northern Senegal to the south of Angola, has a coastline 6,000 kilometers, covering a total area of about 11.8 million km2 and a population estimated at 470 million inhabitants.



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