‘Ghosts’ Visit Banga Bakundu Gendermarie Brigade

The Gendarmerie Brigade of Banga Bakundu a village along the Kumba road has been burnt down to ashes.

The people of Banga Bakundu in the Southwest region precisely in the Meme Division  witnessed a raging fire in the early hours of Saturday morning. Anglophone protesters have described it as a ghost visit.

An inhabitant of this village whose name we got just as Samuel said “what we are witnessing is strange to this village because nobody was seen around here at the time the fire started and with the present situation in the country, fingers are pointing to the inhabitants which is exactly what our people have been trying to avoid”.

Upon receiving news of the incident, the Divisional Officer for Mbonge took off to inspect the incident but did not reach destination for he was involved in an automobile accident on the way and was taken to the hospital somewhere in the South West Region.

He is in a stable condition and is fast responding to treatment.

Until moment, the cause for the fire is still unknown and the forces that be are working on it to know what actually provoked the raging flames that caused so much damage.


Source: Cameroon Concord

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