Anglophone Activists Are Not Terrorists-Kah Walla

Kah walla, political activist and president of the Cameroon’s People Party,CPP, has condemn the ongoing incarceration of anglophone protesters, stating that activists are not terrorists.

The political activist took to her Facebook page on May 23 decrying the ongoing trial and detention of Agbor Balla, Dr. Fontem, Mancho, Ayah Paul amongst others.

In her write-up Walla noted with dismay that Barrister Felix Agbor ‘Balla’ Kongho, Dr. Fontem Neba of the Consortium, Mancho Bibixy and 25 others will be appearing before the Yaounde military tribunal for the fourth time today, May 24.

To her, their arrest and detention since January 17 is illegal and unacceptable. Hear her; “Activists are not terrorists. We refuse to accept or condone illegal arrest by the state of Cameroon. All these persons were arrested without respect of due process of the current laws in Cameroon. Justice delayed is justice denied. We refuse to allow you “normalise” holding Cameroonian citizens for over 4 months without justification.”

“We the people of Cameroon stand by the principles of justice, equity, rule of law and respect for fundamental liberties. We refuse to allow you hijack our country and our dignity. Agbor Balla, Fontem, Mancho, Ayah and all others arrested fight a just fight. A fight that is right. We will stand by their right to express their ideas, opinions and positions as Cameroonians”

In the end, the CPP boss opined that all the ongoing judicial flaws are pointer to government’s delay strategic technique to wear down the Anglophone crisis through violence, fear, and time.  She urged Cameroonians not to get tired in fighting for justice and the type of Cameroon they wish to pass on to their children.

Barrister Felix Agbor Balla, Dr Fontem Neba, Mancho Bibixy and other Anglophones arrested during the on-going protests in the North West and South West regions are expected to appear before the Yaounde Military Tribunal today. They are being charged with terrorism, rebellion, unlawful assembly, contempt of public officials among others.


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