Assou-Ekotto Wants To Be A ‘Pornstar’

Birmingham City attempt to sign Cameroon full-back Assou-Ekotto have hit a slight problem after the player informed the club manager that he is more interested in a career in pornography.

The 33-year old,told Harry Redknapp, the Birmingham manager that he has set his sights on an all together different career.

Redknapp revealed this in an interview recorded by Spurs Show podcast when asked if there was a chance of Birmingham signing the veteran full-back.

“The only trouble is that he’s admitted he wants to be a pornstar.

“Maybe I can get another year out of him before he decides to do that.

“What a good player. He could well end up in the Birmingham colours next year, Benoit.”

Assou-Ekotto has represented Cameroon 24 times and his passion for the different career comes as a shock to his nation.

Last season, he was playing at French Ligue 1 side Metz on a one year deal which is due to expire.

Back in his peak years he played for Harry Redknapp at Tottenham between 2008 and 2012, although he had first arrived at Spurs as far back as 2006.

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