Buea Nude Tape Saga: Victim Speaks Out

The victim of the nude tape, whose name we got only as Cynthia, has cleared the air on how her nude tape got viral on social media in the past few days.

According to her, the nude tape was made for a business purpose after a male friend of hers in Cyprus, had assured her that such sexual tapes fetch huge sums of money.

As a result of this, she agreed with the friend that she was to receive 40 percent, while her friend who will make contact with those to pay the tape will take the remaining 60 percent.

“It all started when he came and made me and explained to me that he has this business that people have been paying to watch girls who send nude video tapes to them, but they can’t pay again because they are no girls to continue doing.

He said they is so much money involved. We agreed that I will do it and I will take 40% and he takes 60%. There was this particular deal in which some of the videos that got leaked where part of them.

The client was to pay circa FCFA 3 million, which I was to have FCFA 1.4 million, which am yet to receive since the money was paid. This is because the guy in Cyprus who was working as the middleman, has been saying that in Cyprus, he can’t withdraw FCFA 1200 per day, temptation.

It was a result of this that we had a heated argument few days before the tapes were leaked and I told him that if he shouldn’t send the money, he should forget about it.” Cynthia explained.

This was not the first time she is sending such videos and tapes to this guy who has also been a friend of hers.

“I have normally been sending sexy pictures and videos to him, which I don’t know how he trade them. One of the things that made me trust him was the fact that he has a six-year old daughter. I knew that he could never betrayed me since he has a daughter and will not like someone to release nude pictures of her.

I usually delete the videos and pictures immediately I send them to him. So I am very confident that he released the videos.


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