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Earth Quake Shakes PCC,Pastors Transfered

Ministers of the Words of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon,PCC have been appointed and  transferred  to serve God in different congregations in Cameroon.

The decision was taken after members of the Staffing Committee met In at Church Center Kumba Saturday May 27,2017 and deliberated on the transfer files.

CNA gathered that:

The now former Associate Pastor of PCC Bastos,Rev Achah Gerald has been appointed as Presbyterial Secretary for Ngie.

The new Presbyterial Secretary for Akwaya is Rev Asaha Ferdinand .

Rev Foncham Ezekiel was appointed as new Presbyterial Secretary of  Fako South, he was formally of Ntamulung Mezam.

The Rev Ngwa Hosea who was serving at PC Ekona and Lecturer at the PCC Theological Seminary was named Presbyterial Secretary for Mezam.

Rev Anjoambum George formerly working in Ndian is the new Presbyterial Secretary for Bali.

Rev Kang Denis is now the new Presbyterial Secretary for the west, formally of PC Nsimeyong.

Rev Achuranjoh Philip Newnoh appointed Presbyterial Secretary Donga Mantung.

Rev Ngochi Paul- Presbyterial Treasurer Ngie.

Rev Epie Mark Kogge- Presbyerial Treasurer Meta.

Rev Theophil P – Presbyterial Treasurer Batibo.

Rev Columbus Yande Colombos- Presbyterial Treasurer Akwaya.

Atoh Derick Suh was appointed as acting health services Secretary for PCC.

Muyo Jude is the new Human Resource Manager of PCC.

The Staffing Committee also appointed Rev Nkwenti Joseph is National Sunday School Officer and Pastor of Alamatu.

Rev Neba Muangu is Youth Pastor East Mungo region and new Pastor of Cite de la Paix.

Rev Bah Pius has been appointed as the new Youth Pastor for the South West Region and Pastor of Fiango 3 Corners in Kumba.

Rev Ewonsu Stephen is the Youth Pastor for the North West region.

Rev Anye Ivo is the new Regional Secretary North West region and Pastor of Bomassa.

Rev Dr Nyuiky Peter was raised to the position of Vice Dean in Charge of Academic Affairs at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in kumba.

Rev Fobang Geraldine has been appointed as new Station Manager the Christian Broadcasting Services, CBS Buea and Ngemda Emmanuel is Producer of the Radio Station.



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