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Eight ELECAM Regional Officials Sacked

Eight ELECAM administrators in the Centre and Littoral regions have been sacked. Some of the decisions are contained in separate decrees signed by Abdoulaye Babale recently. The Director General of Elections at the Elections and Referendums organisation and management body however did not state in the decrees, the exact reasons for firing the officials.

Four of the decrees signed on May 19, simply announce the new occupants of the posts, indicating that the previous post holders have been dismissed.

Ehongo Bessala Florent Léopold lost his post of Chief of the Mfoundi divisional branch of ELECAM to Fouda Atangana Yanick Basile. The sub-divisional chief of ELECAM for Yaounde I, Ekongolo Huberthe was stripped off her tittle.

He was replaced by Helene Onana Ngono. Ambah Joseph and Bipan Menguini Ebanda Marie Claire were equally dismissed from their respective posts of sub-divisional heads for ELECAM branches in Yaounde IV and V in the Mfoundi division, Centre region.

The elections Director General had earlier signed other decrees, dismissing four ELECAM branch heads in the Littoral region, namely the branches of Loum, Nkondjock, Douala III and IV.

Enow Abrams Egbe, ELECAM Chairman appointed last month to replace Samuel Fonkam Azu’u, also appointed a new Chief of administrative and financial services at the Centre regional office of ELECAM on May 19.

Atangana Dzehem Wambo was appointed to replace Fouda Atangana Yanick Basile who was same day moved to head the Mfoundi divisional delegation.


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