Musonge Hopeful Detained Anglophone Leaders Might Be Released

Former Prime Minister, Peter Mafany Musonge, has expressed optimism regarding the fate of the Anglophone leaders in detention when the Higher Judicial Council meets on June 7.

“Let us wait on the Higher Council of Magistracy which is going to meet on June 7, perhaps, they may be some interesting surprises for us there too,” Musonge said at the Mountain Hotel in Buea on Saturday, May 27.

Sitting on May 24, for the second time, since the court decision to try the cases as one, judges at the military court deliberated on the provisional freedom of Barrister Agbor Balla and Dr. Fontem Neba under judicial supervision.

Many have their fingers crossed as to the decision the military judges will arrive at on June 7; the same day members of the Higher Judicial Council would meet in Yaounde under the chairmanship of President Biya.

Musonge also called on Anglophones to be patient and have faith in the Government, for so much has been done since the beginning of the crisis.

“Government has taken some very important measures to address the problems (Anglophone problems) that were raised.

Whether it concerns the judicial sector, the education sector, far-reaching measures have been taken.

We would like the information about these measures to go down to the base because there are many people who think nothing has been done, a lot has been done.

Let’s be patient, we cannot have everything at once today,” Musonge said.

Furthermore, as the President of the National Commission of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, Musonge said the Commission is to bring English Language at “parity” with the French Language in Cameroon.

He also promised that his commission will see that the constitution’s disposition with respect to language is respected.

Southwest CPDM Militants Prepare For 2018 Challenges

On May 26, CPDM militants in the Southwest Region were drilled on party policies in order to prepare them for the 2018 elections.

This was during the second CPDM Regional Seminar for the Southwest organised by the Central Committee under the patronage of Peter Mafany Musonge, Head of the Permanent Delegation for the Southwest.

During the seminar, four exposés were presented to the militants by Prof. Ephraim Ngwafor and Humphery Ekema Monono, among others.

These were all selected in view of the challenges of the 2018 elections as the party looks ahead with optimism and determination.

Party members were all called upon to keep their differences aside and respect one another in order for unity to reign in the party.

Meanwhile, on May 27, the Southwest CPDM members also held their first Coordination Meeting of the Permanent Regional Delegation in Buea under the chairmanship of Peter Mafany Musonge.

Present were the six permanent Divisional leaders of Southwest who met in order to discuss financing of party activities, party discipline and also on how to prepare for the 2018 selections.


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