Southwest: Baccalaureat Exam Begins In Serenity

Governor Okalia Bilai made an impromptu visit to three of the four centres in Buea, Tiko and Limbe.

The 915 candidates who registered to write the Baccalaureate exam in the South West Region began taking it yesterday in the four centres of BGS Molyko, GBHS Tiko, GBHS Limbe and GBHS Kumba.

The “CAP Industriel” was equally being written in Ombe as the Governor also came visiting.

The chief executive of the Region, Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai, made an impromptu visit to three of the centres in Fako Division yesterday morning as the candidates were bent on their exam papers.
Rounding up his visit in GBHS Limbe the Governor expressed total satisfaction with the turnout of candidates, their discipline and the security surrounding the exercise.

“The candidates are 99 percent present”, Governor Okalia Bilai stated to the press. He praised the Regional Delegate and the various Chiefs of centres for respecting the various instructions guiding the exam which to him had been followed to the letter.

After visiting the BGS Molyko centre in Buea the Governor, accompanied by the Regional Delegate for Secondary Education, Apah Johnson Itor,  headed for Tiko where Madam Ikome Lois, Principal of GBHS Tiko showed round the various halls where the candidates were busy on their papers in a calm and conducive atmosphere.
At the GTHS Ombe, the Principal and chief of centre for “CAP Industriel”, Mrs Mewanu explained that her centre had 484 candidates and 298 were effectively present.

The candidates started with the first paper, French, yesterday morning.

While at GBHS Limbe, Mrs.  Efeti , Principal of the school explained that of the 258 candidates registered, 255 answered present for the exam which kicked off with “Litterature Française”.

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