Anglophone Leaders Condemn Gruesome Attack On Students In Bamenda

The Secretary General of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front, SCACUF, Wilfred Tassang, has condemned in strong terms the attack on a female student in the Northwest Region.

In a communiqué issued on June 6, a day after the attack, Tassang wrote “…SCACUF condemns with all its energy, the gruesome attacks on our children in Bamenda.

We distance ourselves from these attacks wholly perpetrated by such agents of LRC. How can children be attacked with such brutality on a campus that is militarised to the last block?”

According to reports, on the early hours of Monday, June 5, between 10:00 am to 11:00 am, five unknown men on three bikes, attacked students of Government Bilingual High School Bamenda and hacked a student’s arm on the campus of the school.

Before the forces of law and order could come to the scene, the armed men had taken off.

The other students on campus, who saw the gruesome action, were said to have been warned not to raise an alarm for they will also be attacked.

The girl who was wounded with a machete, was rushed to the Bamenda General Hospital for treatment.

It was later reported that due to the critical condition, she was evacuated to the Mbingo Baptist Hospital for intensive treatment.

SCACUF in their communiqué blamed the Government for masterminding the act in order to put the blame on Anglophones and to weaken the struggle.

“… they are at it again; trying by all means to provoke our people so as to justify the draconian measures they want to impose on us …,” the communiqué reads in parts.

Observers have chided the act, calling for an end to violence in the struggle which has seen many people lost their lives and property since the Anglophone Crisis started some eight months ago.


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