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Ayah Paul’s Son Released, Recounts 24 Hour Jail Time

Ayah Ayah, the son of Justice Ayah Paul Abine, former Advocate General at the Supreme Court, has been released from jail.

Ayah Ayah Abine was arrested Wednesday at the Military Court in Yaounde for allegedly taking pictures in the courts premises, an exercise which is prohibited by law. He was arrested alongside his cousin and later ferried to State Defense Secretariat.

After his release today June 8 on bail, Ayah Ayah took to his Facebook page to recount his 24 hour time in jail.  Hear him;


Kindly tell all around you that I am Just back from jail after I was picked up yesterday at the military Tribunal Yaounde alongside my younger cousin, as I came to his defense, just after he took photographs of myself, Hon. Joshua Osih and Barrister Kan, outside the court room, contrary to all the lies and misinformation you have all been fed with this far. That is the truth. I chose not to abandoned him to his fate and let him suffer alone. He is my responsibility. Thanks be to God for letting my entire family and especially my mum for bailing me out of this wahala.

What an experience it was. I spare you the details for heaven’s sake. What I will say is this: There’s need to pray for all those under detention especially the ‘anglophone’ detainees on the account of the ‘anglophone’ crisis. They must be going through the darkest moments of their entire lives. Just one night for me and…..

Meanwhile, you must have already gotten news that our only Advocate General of the Highest Court of the land was retired yesterday June 07, 2017. What a price he pays? May you all remember him in your prayers and in all you do….



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