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Higher Judicial Council-7 Disciplinary Cases Examined

President Paul Biya yesterday, June 07, at the Unity Palace, presided at the ordinary session of the council.

It took almost three hours thirty minutes for members of the Higher Judicial Council, the supreme body that handles the careers of magistrates and higher judicial officers meeting yesterday, June 07 at the Unity Palace under the Chairmanship of President Paul Biya to clear the about nine-point agenda earmarked for the council’s ordinary session.

As early as 10 AM, almost all the members both substantive and alternates had already answered present for the session that officially started at 11AM.

Also present were some magistrates whose disciplinary files were programmed for examination accompanied by their defending lawyers.

As explained by the Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals and Vice President of the Higher Judicial Council, Laurent Esso, the deliberation was “dense with so many files to treat.”

Prior to examining the files on the table, new members recently appointed into the council were given the opportunity to take their oath of office.

Yesterday’s session was particularly marked by the examination of seven disciplinary files, absorption into the profession of magistracy of members of the judicial corps who recently graduated from the School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) , promotions and appointments in the Ministry of Justice as well as in the various courts.

“After examining the disciplinary and other files, the Higher Judicial Council expresses its views which are then transmitted for appreciation by the President of the Republic”, Laurent Esso told reporters after the meeting, stating that it is only when the decision must have been signed that everything will be known.

As to whether or not the council received any files asking for clemency, he said, “I have not received any request for the granting of clemency this year; perhaps the files are still in process”.

From every indication, deliberations were marked by solemnity and seriousness as described by some of the lawyers who appeared before the council to defend their clients.

“The atmosphere was good and the President had a mastery of the files under examination”, Youmbi Nguena Isodore, barrister in Yaounde told reporters.

All the lawyers were convinced of the facts they had concerning their clients. The Higher Judicial Council is made up of President Paul Biya as President of the Council, Laurent Esso, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals as vice President, Jean Fouman Akame as Secretary and as members: Barnabe Eloundou, Pierre Laoussou, Albert Ekono Nna, Marc Ateba Ombala, Isaac Manga Moukouri, Brigitte Mebande epse Abdoul Bagui and Fofung Justine Nabum epse Wacka.



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