Senator Warns: Anglophone May Never Have A Place In HTTTC Kumba

Senator Andrew Otte Mofa, Questor at Cameroon’s Senate has asserted that Anglophones may never have a place at the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College, HTTTC Kumba in 100 years, if parents fail to re-orientate their children towards technical education.

Otte bared his mind to reporters on the syndrome on the sidelines of the graduation ceremony of the pioneer batch of tutors from HTTTC on June 2.

According to the Senator, parents of Anglophone extraction take a lot of things for granted. He urged all to come on board and cause more Anglophone children to embrace technical and professional education.

“I want parents to re-orientate their children. We should turn towards technical education because this university can be here for 100 years, but, so far as we don’t focus, so far as we don’t turn towards this, we might always have zero entry into that university.

So, I am calling on the parents to focus on technical education because, when you look at the various departments that exist, most of them are technical. When we are looking at commercial and general education, it will not help us.”

Otte continued that; ”We should focus and make sure that our children embrace technical education. We should do house training and orientation for them because, nothing comes without effort.


A child who does not know Mathematics, Physics or Sciences cannot be technical. So, we must do this to see how we too can have a place in this institution.”

Asked about the recurrent conflict that greeted the creation of the institution, the Questor remarked that nothing good comes easy. He recalled that the same could be remembered during the early days of the University of Buea.

To him, if UB under which HTTTC is placed for now is breathing, it means the institution will survive.

The elite averred that, he believes in the HTTTC project which the Head of State created in Kumba and surmised that the story of the school will rise to success just as UB has done in the last decades.

On the location of the institution, Otte declared that, the options of Mahole and Mambanda constituting two blocks of 300 hectares of land are the best.

He discarded any ill feeling regarding the land pressures surrounding the institution, observing that since the Minister of State Property and Land Tenure sanctioned the announced sites, all is now set for the school to advance to greater heights.


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