Who Is Behind The Burnings In Bamenda?

Since the current Anglophone Crisis took a violent twist, arson has taken hold of either those who are guilty of not respecting Ghost Town calls or what is now referred to in local parlance as ‘Kontri Sunday’.

The material damages caused by the fire are colossal.

Faceless bodies , known as “Ambazonia Fire” “Southern Cameroon Holy Ghost Fire “ who claim responsibilities at times when “night fire” gut business premises for not respecting Ghost Town calls have gone unabated and Government efforts with all the security in place is not producing enough results.

These faceless bodies attacking business premises and persons who do not heed Ghost Town calls distribute tracks, warning all violators of Ghost Town that they will be visited by fire, if they don’t refrain from operating on Mondays or any of such days devoted to the struggle in solidarity with those detained in Yaounde.

Recently, some travel agencies and mini buses known to belong to violators of Ghost Town have been visited by “Ghost fire or Ambazonia fire.

After failed attempts to burn part of the University of Bamenda, UBa, for the massive participation of the students of this university during National Day celebrations, the mobile fire razed Government Bilingual Primary School Attuakom, the UBa medical laboratory, the Bamenda Women Empowering Centre, the Car of the Principal of GBHS Nkambe and countless Off-licenses, security posts to ashes.

Security forces have arrested some suspects in connection to these arson carried out between 1:00am and 3:00am as was the case of the Bamenda Food Market.

But what took the Bamenda inhabitants aback was the fire incident that gutted Top Star Hotel on Monday

The basement of the hotel host other businesses such as a bakery and an off-license .The fire started from below in one of the departments and engulfed the entire building to the chagrin of many because the fire broke out at about 3:00pm.

Few occupants, including those who were “rising and falling inside the rooms” took to their heels scaling over the windows and landing on roof tops of nearby buildings.

The wife of the Proprietor of Top Star could be seen crying and wailing, but the husband’s composure did not attract any sympathy from the crowd.

Though the cause of the fire is still to be established, the Bamenda population has been quick to christen the inferno at Top Star Hotel as “Business Fire” not linked to Ghost Town fires.

Ghost Town fire visits only at night. One of the on lookers of the incident retorted “when you find the concern less concerned, it is because the hotel has been sacrificed for more business to flow in few years to come.

So why worry when you see somebody visibly not disturbed as his property worth hundreds of millions have been consumed by fire. His body temperature is normal.”

Others who hailed from the same Region with the Proprietor of the hotel said the owner of the hotel is simply proving that he is a man who can hold his tears, not like others.

As usual, the fire fighting brigades arrived late.

Other schools of thought have been quick to link the inferno to electrical short circuit.


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