Maoumba Community: Villagers Urge To Tolerate LGBT Persons

Maoumba Community sensitised on living in peaceful cohabitation with LGBT persons



By Basil K Mbuye

Villagers of the Maoumba Community in the Meme Division of the Southwest Region of Cameroon have been urged to leave in harmony and peace with Lesbian,gay,bisexual and transgender,LGBT, persons.

The campaign was launched by Human Rights group Human Is Right on June 18, 2017, calling for a culture of tolerance and non-violence for these persons in the community.

The community just like other communities in Cameroon has perpetrated some acts of growing violence, hate and tolerance by the locals against LGBT persons in their community. It is as a result of this that Human Is Right launched a campaign in the locality to curb such practices towards these persons.

To achieve these objectives, the Buea based human right group Human Is Right organized a two-day campaign to sensitise the locals of Maoumba Community on the rights of LGBT persons. They also urged them to shun stigmatization and leave in peaceful cohabitation.

Meanwhile, psychological support was given to some survivors of cruelty from the villagers while some nine LGBT persons in the community affected by HIV/AIDS were given Antiretroviral drugs.

Attacks on LGBT persons in communities in Cameroon are rampant with reported cases of killings after these persons suffer jungle justice from locals.

Speaking after to, a homosexual whose name we are withholding lamented the treatment they received from the villagers. He also thanked the job done by Human Is Right and also urged them to do more.


“It has not been easy living as a homosexual in this community. We are stigmatized and can go about our daily activities freely. At times we are tortured and seen as cultists. With this campaign launched by Human Is Right, I pray things changed. I will also want to let them know that more need to be done,” LGBT person averred.

Human IS Right is a subsidiary program of Global Conscience Initiative and it aims to bring a deeper conscience on human rights in Cameroon.Its mission is inspired by the same principles of GCI and its work is strictly in cooperation with the one of the main office.

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