Governor Stops GTTC Buea Principal From Reporting Land-grabbing

The Principal of Government Teacher Training College, GTTC Buea, was stopped by Governor Okalia Bilai from reporting encroachment by Buea Council on school land, to the Minister of Secondary Education, Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe.

During the Minister’s visit to the GTTC campus on June 15 as part of his tour of the examination centres in the Southwest Region, the GTTC Principal, Stephen Ajong, while taking the Minister on a guided tour of the campus, was stopped from making his point to the Minister regarding GTTC land that the Buea Council has encroached upon.

Observers were surprised by the action of Governor Okalia stopping Ajong from laying his complaint when he was about to present it to the Minister.

The incident occurred after the Principal had shown classes that were set on fire by unidentified persons. According to Ajong, GTTC has come under such attacks twice, with the last incident taking place on June 6.

Answering the Minister’s question regarding the cause of the fire, Ajong suggested that it must have been the work of invaders, since this was happening for the second time this year.

He also told the Minister since the campus does not have a fence, it makes it easy for invaders to commit such acts, and also take advantage to encroach on the land.

According to reports, since the Buea Council started construction work on the site, despite complaints from GTTC authorities, work is still going on unperturbed.

GTTC authorities have petitioned hierarchy and other authorities decrying the encroachment on their land, but nothing has been done.

In October 2016, the Principal reportedly wrote a letter to Minister Bibehe informing him of the illegal construction by the Buea Council on GTTC land.

Despite the Governor’s action stopping the Principal from reporting the problem, the Minister still made a stop at the site and observed what was going on.

Meantime, GTTC Buea students are currently writing their Teacher Grade I Certificate exam which has been going on hitch-free.

The Minister later visited GTHS Buea and the GCE Board headquarters. At the GCE Board headquarters, the Minister and his Directors and some school Principals held an in camera meeting, after which the Minister was led in a tour of the premises.


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