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Spate Of Attacks On Schools Hits Limbe, Idenau

The staffroom within the Administrative block of Government High School Mbonjo at Down Beach Limbe, was in the wee hours of Saturday, June 17, razed to ashes by fire.

One Ms Martina, a neighbour to the school, told The Post that the institution’s night watchman popularly known as Pa Bali, came and knocked at her door at about 1:30 am on Saturday to inform him that there was fire in the school.

Martina said she immediately jumped out of bed and alerted other neighbours as they rushed to the school campus. When they arrived, the staffroom block was already up in flames.

“So we started the operation to douse the flames manually,” she recounted.

She stated that since the room was locked, they had to chisel off some blocks by the door into the room before they could flush in water to quench the flames that had already consumed the desks, ceiling and roof.

When The Post got to the school campus, the entire floor of the room was littered with the charred remains of the teachers’ tables, desks, and some documents.

The playground of the school was inundated by pools of rain water. According to Martina, “it is from these pools of rain-off that we carried water last night and tried to quench the fire.”

The incident at GHS Mbonjo was just the latest in a series of attacks that have hit several schools and other structures in Limbe.

The Post also gathered that the Administrative block of GHS Idenau in the West Coast Sub Division was, in the early hours of Friday, June 16, torched by unidentified persons.

A few days back, it was the administrative block of Government Nursery School, Mile 1, Limbe that fell under anti-school arsonists.

This latest incident only adds to a series of other schools in Limbe that have already suffered from the same fate.

The case of the administrative block of GHS Bonadikombo is still very fresh in the minds of Limbe denizens.

Over 50 victims of the Limbe Market are still reeling from the huge financial losses they suffered when their stalls and wares were consumed by a mysterious fire.

The market incident of March 31, prompted the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, the Mayors of the three Councils in Limbe and denizens of Limbe to march against Ghost Towns, the burning of places and other violent acts.

Since dialogue between the Common Law Lawyers, Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions and the Government collapsed leading to the arrest and detention of several Anglophones, some unidentified persons have resorted to arsonist attacks on schools and other public structures within the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

Many people have tended to condemn the acts as not welcomed and unacceptable because such acts will never lead to any positive change.

Such burnings, many argue, are instead helping to drag development within the Anglophone communities backwards.


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