Wirba Castigates House Speaker, Says He Is Back For His People

Hon Joseph Wirba, SDF Member of Parliament has chastised Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, speaker of Cameroon’s National Assembly for refusing to protect him.

The SDF MP from Jakiri, who fled Cameroon following reported attempts by government to arrest him earlier this year, resurfaced in the National Assembly during a plenary session today June 21 .

For his part, the House speaker asked the SDF MP why he ran away. In his reply. Wirba said the most important thing is that he is back and ready for whatever. Asked by journalists if he is not afraid to go to prison, Wirba said if that is the price to pay for speaking out for his people then he is ready to go to jail.

It should be recalled that Hon. Wirba had written many letters from his hideout to his colleagues and Anglophone detainees in jail. In one of the letters addressed to Members of Parliament, Hon. Wirba  implored his colleagues who are representatives of the people, to protest and walk out of parliament.

He had equally advised the over 70 anglophone in mates at the Kondengui maximum prison to end their organised hunger strike.

To him, the hunger strike will instead benefit the powers that be given that many of the detainees could die from it, hence reducing the number of people who resist the government.

Journal du Cameroun

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