Minister To Sanction Principal Over Missing Examination Money

Secondary Education Minister, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, is expected to take disciplinary measures against the Principal of Government Technical School, GTC Nake Bakundu, Mbonge Subdivision over the unexplained disappearance of money collected from students for the 2017 session of the CAP examination.

Reliable sources hinted The Post that Lawrence Enow is likely to face sanctions after a complaint which the traditional stakeholders of the village reportedly addressed to the Secondary Education boss.

The stakeholders had expressed anger over the non participation of over 20 students of GTC Nake in the 2017 session of the CAP examination.

Reports hold that the money is estimated at FCFA 400,000, given that each student paid FCFA 20,000 as registration fee.

The issue is said to be causing panic within the ranks of the Secondary Education family in Meme Division.

Minister Bibehe is said to have taken interest in the memo from Nake owing to the scandal that children failed to write an official examination because their registration fees cannot be accounted for.

Pressure is reportedly mounting on the school administration to explain the whereabouts of the said money and why the students where never registered to take part in the 2017 session of the technical school examinations.

A team of officials from the Secondary Education family is said to have been ordered to dig into the Nake Bakundu situation due to insinuations that the non-participation of the candidates could be the fallout of proponents of the Anglophone crisis.

The Post gathered that information on the missing money came to the fore when the students could not be allowed to sit in for the 2017 session of the examinations.

It was reported that some other principals raised questions over the issues first when the list of students to take part in the practical phase of the examination did not bear a candidate’s name from GTC Nake Bakundu.

The non-registration is said to have compelled officials to remove GTC Nake from the list of examination centres for 2017.

Most students wrote the examination this year in Mbonge Marumba.

Besides the ongoing investigations into what happened, Secondary Education officials in Meme are also reported to be working on a parallel finding about the situation.

The school administration has reportedly been asked to produce circulars announcing the registration for the exercise.

In the meantime, there are reports of discrepancies in dates written on the individual receipts issued to students and what the school administration is alleged to be presenting to its hierarchy for justification.

Besides the non-participation of GTC Nake Bakundu in the official examination, dust is equally yet to settle over the supposed disappearance of the school’s T-shirts.

The school administration at one time is reported to have stated that thieves broke into the administrative block and stole T-shirts printed for the students.

It would be recalled that this is not the first school in Meme Division that has found itself in a controversy.


In September 2016, GBHS Kumba Up Station came to the public space with the dropping of its principal, Rudolf Nganda Niaba, due incoherence in financial figures that extended even to the management of the PTA.

In December of 2016, a supposed letter from the Secondary Education boss ordered for fresh elections into the PTA.

The former PTA president is still challenging the Divisional Officer for Kumba I, Charles Douala Fomombod, to show him a copy of the said letter.

Also in line with dismissals, is the case of a prominent traditional ruler who served as principal of GBHS Tombel.

The said principal was dropped in the heart of the ongoing Anglophone crisis under questionable circumstances.

In the case of GTC Nake Bakundu, attempts by The Post to get to the principal of the institution for his comments were unsuccessful.


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