Fako Loses Hosting Right Of SWECC Elective General Assembly

 Fako Division has been stripped of its right to host the next Elective General Assembly of the Southwest Chiefs’ Conference, SWEEC.

The Division will also lose its right to produce the next SWECC President.

The decision to withdraw the hosting right from Fako Division was taken during an enlarged executive meeting of the six Divisions that took place on Monday, July 17 in Buea.

Unfortunately, the July 17 meeting was boycotted by executives of Fako Division.

The SWEEC executive said they cannot allow one Division to take the entire Region hostage.

According to them, Fako will be taught a lesson, as they will lose their hosting right and wait for another round.

In their meeting, the Chiefs fumed that in complacency with some Chiefs, the former SDO of Fako, Georges Zang III, suspended their Elective General Assembly back in February.

According to them, an SDO of one Division has no right to suspend the activities of a regional association like SWEEC.

They argued that the statute of their association, warrants that such actions over them has to be taken by the Governor, and not a mere SDO of a particular Division.

The SWECC Elective General Assembly which was cancelled by Zang III, was scheduled for February 17 to 18, 2017.

In his Prefectural Order, Zang III had stated that the umbrella association grouping Chiefs of the Southwest Region (SWECC) was wrapped in an embarrassing situation, because of the host Division’s choice for President, Chief Johnson Njombe Njoke of Wokaka Village.

Zang III also said that security concerns, due to the Anglophone Problem in the two Regions of the country was one of the reasons he suspended the meeting.

Prior to the suspension, the current SWECC President, Senator Nfon Victor Mukete, had issued an announcement on State radio, communicating the venue and time for the meeting.
Despite Zang III’s explanation, it was wildly reported that the main reason behind the suspension of the SWECC Elective General Assembly was due to the fact that there were several Chiefs who were opposed to the candidature of Chief Njombe.

The Chief of Wokaka Village is considered by many of his colleagues as juvenile in chieftaincy matters.
SWECC had rubbished the SDO’s claims, stating that the Conference is made up of persons of value and honour, including Senators, Parliamentarians, Senior Administrators, Army Generals, General Managers, Judges, amongst others.

“The aforementioned personalities are all peace loving and allies of the Government of President Paul Biya that have always supported and encouraged him, through our various motions of supports in the past.

“This organisation has never breached the peace of the nation nor participated in public disorder of any kind to be feared.

Rather it has served as a peace breaker and ally of the Government on every step of the way in difficulties, sometimes to the detriment of its own image,” SWECC in their communiqué stated.
From what emerged from the July 17 conclave in Buea, Manyu likely host the next SWECC Elective General Assembly.


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