Cancer Center To Be Built In Cameroon

A cancer treatment center will soon be built in Cameroon, APA learned on Thursday.

This was revealed at the end of a meeting between Martin Belinga Eboutou, the secretary of the presidency of the Republic, and the director of the interdisciplinary chair of UNESCO on Biotechnology and Bioethics, the Italian Professor Vittorio Colizzi.

Colizzi a researcher came to Cameroon to introduce the project for creation of the oncology center, and has indicated that this future institution will set up ground-breaking methodologies, within the framework of the reinforcement of the fight against cancer not only in the country, but in the sub-region.

According to Professor Colizzi, some Italian universities have already committed themselves to collaborate with the center in the fields of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Similarly, two universities, one from Cameroon and another based in Italy are currently collaborating on the improvement of research programmes, he added.

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