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Fru Ndi Tells UN Team To Cameroon: Hold Biya Responsible If War Breaks In Cameroon

John Fru Ndi, SDF Chairman

Ni John Fru Ndi, leader of frontline opposition SDF party in Cameroon, has told a visiting United Nations team that, if President Biya remains intransigent regarding the ongoing Anglophone Crisis, it will not be long for the country to disintegrate.

“Biya has given deaf ears to the release of Anglophone detainees and other grievances articulated by teachers and Common Law lawyers.

This is very disturbing and the Anglophone communities are boiling. If the UN do think that they can’t interfere in the internal affairs of a country, let UN not intervene when war breaks out …

I am calling on you to hold this regime to institute a single ballot paper for any elections to hold, publish the electoral calendar as soon as possible and let the whole process from registration to proclamation of results be biometric.”

Fru Ndi and SDF MPs, Mayors, Senators, made these declarations to the visiting UN delegation to Cameroon, led by Pascale Roussy, the Electoral Political Affairs Assistant, and Francis Nadjita, UN Special Representative for Central Africa.

The SDF National Chairman and delegation talking about other conditions for credible elections in Cameroon, said the Government should revisit the text creating ELECAM.

“The text is so ambiguous and has set confusion between the top brass, the Chairman of the Electoral Board and the President of Elections Cameroon, do not know where their obligations and limitations are.

Quiet often, the two are confused and that is when conflict sets in.

You cannot have two bosses who are always confused as who is supposed to do what,” Fru Ndi remarked.

The SDF also presented the issue of carving out constituencies according to their strength. They wondered why a constituency like the Ocean Division should have over 10 Parliamentarians while Mezam has only four.

Worse still, the Bamenda/Tubah constituency that is supposed to have four Parliamentarians has only one.

The UN team was told that Cameroonians do not know the true figures of the population census and, as such, the national cake cannot be equitably distributed.

In order to give a semblance of what obtains in modern democracies, the SDF suggested that Cameroon should practice the 50 percent plus one vote to ease friction during the proclamation of elections, to give legitimacy to every election.

The UN team was informed that during elections, the regime engages all state vehicles and personnel, including tax payers money to mobilise and rig elections and that, this time around, the SDF will not tolerate that.

Talking to the press, the visiting UN team said they did not come with a bag of solutions to Cameroon’s electoral woos, but to gather information and see how the UN team can support Cameroon Government and ELECAM, together with electoral stakeholders, so that they can, by next year, organise free and fair elections.

They actually sympathised with the Cameroon electoral reforms.


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