University Students To Receive Laptops, Presidential Grant In Dec. 2017

Jacque Fame Ndongo

The Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders, Jacque Fame Ndongo has said the 500,000 laptops, a Presidential grant to students of state universities and those of private higher institutions of learning will arrive Cameroon in December 2017.

The information was contained  in a press release made public after an audience granted to the the Deputy Director of the Sinchuan Telecommunications Construction and Engineering CO Ltd, Zhu Wenli on July 17, 2017.

The Chinese Company is also charged with the execution of the  e-National Higher Education Network project in Cameroon.The Minister of Higher Education, in the release, updates the public on;

*The donation of the 500,000 computers to students of state universities and those of private higher institutions of learning to be distributed in strict respect of the President’s instructions.

*The creation of University Development Digital Centers in Cameroon’s eight state universities as well as the Cameroon-Congo Inter-state University based in Sangmelima.

Concerning the  Presidential grant, the press release states that the first consignment of computers will be made available in Shenzhen/China where they are being manufactured in October 2017 and will get to Cameroon by December 2017.

The press release specifies that the computers will be distributed following a calender to be announced later.

The release states that each student duly registered in a state university or a private higher institution of learning in the 2016/2017 academic year will be entittled to a computer.

In July 2016, the Head of State announced a donation of 500,000 computers to students inorder to encourage  e-learning and professionalism.

The Government of Cameroon awarded the FCFA 75 billion contract to a Chinese Company, Sichuan Telecom Construction Engineering.



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