The Whereabouts Of Wolenyeng Adio Still A Mystery

Jude Wolenyeng Adio

By Basil K Mbuye

Following the socio-political crisis that had characterised the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon of recent, there had been a series of government crackdowns on anyone suspected of instigating, perpetuating, supporting or sympathesising with any of the fundamental causes that gave rise to the crisis.

This rigorous net of crackdown has been stretched to reach foreign-based Cameroonian nationals, especially those who are perceived or suspected of perpetuating the idea that the two Anglophone regions should be constitutionally detached from the rest of Cameroon, to constitute an autonomous sovereign territory of its own.

Of recent, there had been reports of foreign-based Cameroonian nationals, suspected of nurturing Anglophone sovereignty sentiments, being arrested at the port of entry to Cameroon.

It is in this regard that Jude Wolenyeng Adio, a German-based Cameroonian national, was arrested at the Douala international airport on 19th December, 2016.

Jude Wolenyeng Adio had flown from Germany to the Douala international airport, where he was arrested.

It would appear as though officials were in possession of evidence to show that Jude is an Anglophone secessionist activist, who is based abroad.

It is known that Jude Wolenyeng Adio was arrested and remanded in custody, following further interrogation regarding his involvement with foreign-based Anglophone secessionist movements.

However, till date, the whereabouts of Jude Wolenyeng Adio remains a bewildering mystery yet to be disentangled

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