AFCON 2019: Northwest Region Decries Marginalisation

Outraged by the failure to take this region into account for this important meeting among the host cities, the MP for Bamenda / Bali calls on the Head of State to rescue them.

Will Cameroon organise the next African Nations Cup? The debates are going in all areas. In the meantime, following a press briefing given by the Minister of Sports a few days ago, the Parliamentarian for Bamenda / Bali, Fobi Nchinda Simon, questions the non-inclusion of the Northwest Region, mainly the city of Bamenda among the cities that will host the competition.

Consequently, the Member of Parliament,MP, who cries out for marginalisation has addressed an open letter to the President of the Republic in which he underlines the urgency of including the capital city of the Northwest Region in the list of cities that will host the various meetings, French daily, Le Messager reported on Wednesday, July 26.

Indeed, the Government has chosen the cities of Yaoundé, Douala, Bafoussam, Limbe, Garoua as sites of welcome, completely ignoring the city of Bamenda.

However, the capital of the Northwest region is the third biggest city in Cameroon, because of its demography not only its area but also because of its economic growth, the daily says.

“Are citizens of Bamenda and the Northwest not Cameroonians to enjoy the right to leisure, festivities and other socioeconomic benefits that AFCON 2019 will have to bring?” the Hon.Fobi questioned.

As football is a unifying factor, the MP for Mezam Center feels that it would be incongruous for the government to put Bamenda on the sidelines of this festival.

“This will lead to erroneous interpretations by the population, which will polarize the entire nation,” he said.

Especially since the people of Bamenda had been very enthusiastic about the announcement of the organization of the AFCON by Cameroon.

However, the parliamentarian acknowledges that the state of the road network linking Bamenda to other metropolises is a nightmare, but he believes that this situation can be resolved before the start of the AFCON. 

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