GCE Board Registrar Escapes Ambush

The Registrar of the General Certificate of Education, GCE, Board, Dr. Humphrey Ekema Monono, narrowly escaped an ambush while doing sports in the early morning of Sunday, July 30.

Speaking to The Post in his office on August 1, Dr. Monono said usually leaves his house for jogging around 5.30am.

He narrated that he was jogging on the road from Buea Town down through Bokwai Village to the Buea Central Market. It was about 5.45, when he realised some young men jogging behind him and he thought were also doing sports.

Taking the ascend to the area known as CAMTEL Antenna, one of the taxis that ferry people early on Muea Market days rode past and a passenger shouted from inside: “Na that bad boys them that!”

Dr. Monono said, hearing that, he turned to look, but the young men all took-off and ran down into the valley in the neighbourhoods of Catholic Church Great Soppo.

He said he contemplated continuing to run down to the area above the Biaka Residence in the neighbourhoods of the Cameroon Education Centre, CEC, but deemed he could fall into the hands of the bad boys, hence he turned around and sped up the road towards  Barrister Eta Besong Jr. Residence and the Slaughter House, and went back home safely.

Monono revealed that recently, one of the examiners at this year’s GCE session was ambushed and robbed of his phones and other valuables.

So far, it cannot be determined whether Dr. Monono’s case was an opportunistic ambush or a pre-meditated one, but conspiracy theorists have already been drawing conclusions and levelling accusations as to who could have been behind the ambush that was foiled, thanks to an observant but unidentified passenger in a taxi.

Meantime, investigations have been opened.


Mediafric Proprietor Ambushed, Brother Shot

In a related story, the Proprietor of Mediafic Radio, Bony Dashako, was reportedly ambushed and his brother shot inside the gate of the media organ owner’s residence.

The elder brother of the Bony Dashako, Ephraim Dashako, had driven one of Bony’s cars, to the gate of residence. As the gate was opened, Ephraim is said to have realised that two youths appeared from the shadows and pushed him at gunpoint into the compound. They ordered him to take them into the house.

Contemplating their youthfulness, Ephraim reportedly smacked one and had the satisfaction of seeing him drop to the ground. He then hit the other one who fired a gun at him and the pellets lodged into his waist. A third appeared and hit him with the butt of his gun on the head and he fell.

As the other who shot Ephraim reloaded his gun, a neighbour screamed alerting other neighbours and the three men of the underworld disappeared into thin air.

The police was called in, while Ephraim was rushed to the hospital. The police combed the neighbourhood in a hunt for the men of the underworld that night to no avail.

Investigations were then opened.


The Post Newspaper

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