Why Some Men Get Discount From Sex Hawkers

Some sex hawkers in the Yaounde commercial sex hotbed, Miniferme, have intimated that they cut down the cost price of their corporal commodity depending on the size and length of a client’s manhood.

“We got into the world of prostitution not only for profit but also for pleasure. All work without play makes the job boring, so we sometimes give discount depending on the magnitude of manhood and mastery of the art by a client.

“Men with sizeable apparatuses are a rare jewel to us, because they are desperate, given that, most normal girls reject them once they perceive such a huge thing hanging in between their legs.”

Out of frustration these men reportedly resort to sex workers for comfort and libido gratification.

According to the commercial sex hawkers, these rejected men handle the matter with caution, grinding graciously and screwing sensationally; accessing virgin zones and making them reach heaven while on earth.

“They clear congested contours, meandering through meaty horizons, quaking and quickening our metabolic system,” this prostitute said, explaining why they receive big dick clients openhandedly and servicing them philanthropically with preferential treatment”

As compensation for their good work, the prostitutes either make a discount or give free of charge.

As they put it, it is a rare privilege for them to come across clients who service them instead of vice-versa. “One good turn deserves another.”

They disclosed that they yearn for men with sizeable reproductive organs, because being in constant intercourse with customers makes their privates lose their tenacity and elasticity.

“A small thing swims in us like a baby in a pool, but the big one does a good job altogether.

Sometimes, because of excess sweetness we add a prolongation time to have enough fun. We could also render such a client services that cost huge sums of money at a lower cost, usually FCFA 500,”

Jennifer said, quipping and questioning that which normal woman would not like to experience that long loud empty yet electrifying cry, even if she is a sex hawker.

Asked what extra services and prolongation time entails, she said they could allow a client have several rounds of intercourse while touching, tugging, tonguing, teething, and kissing them.

The prostitute further said “when you pay FCFA 500, you only get one dry unromantic round with one release. Woe unto the client she continued, who suffers from premature ejaculation because such a person has just wasted his money because just setting eyes on their nakedness such men will immediately release.

Time, another prostitute said, is bought. The prices are bargained depending on time to be spent in the closet with the customer.

One cannot give FCFA 250 and expect to be serviced proportionately to someone who pays FCFA 10,000.

“Special attention is given to men who pay from FCFA1,500 to tens of thousands and men who solicit our services early in the morning pay higher.

“Most married men visit our brothels as early as 6:00am before going to their work places.

They often tell to us that they lie to their wives that they have a pile of documents to sign before working hours proper, whereas, they stop to have ‘breakfast.’”

Asked if they manage a cafeteria in the morning for men to come take breakfast, the prostitutes chuckled as they made known that ‘breakfast’ is their coded appellation for sex services at dawn.

According to one Armelie Carol, a veteran prostitute in the Miniferme neighbourhood, some men with sizeable reproductive organs have redeemed some nymphomaniacs (sex addicts).

“Some sex hawkers who got into the profession because of nymphomania quit prostitution sometimes because of the tactful touch of some of these who are mongers and who finally propose marriage to them, taking them off the street,” Carol testified.



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