Outlawed Consortium Extends Ghost Town To 3 Days

While Government is doing everything to stop the civil disobedience in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, the outlawed Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSC, has extended the ghost town operation to three days.

In a press release issued on  August 6, members of the outlawed consortium extended the ghost town operations ongoing in the Northwest and Southwest Regions to three days, beginning on Monday, August 14, 2017.

According to the release, “the extension is intended to stall the resumption of schools and to fast-track the drive they are leading in collaboration with the newly created Southern Cameroons Governing Council to restore the independence of Southern Cameroons.” They note that the special measures will last until Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

The press release, in part, reads: “We, leaders of the various trade unions and civil society organisations that make up the Consortium are also calling on all Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians wherever to take cognizance of the situation on the ground and instill in one another the consequent need for greater sacrifice and commitment to the struggle for the restoration of the independence of our country.

We, hereby, re-iterated the decision taken by the Southern Cameroons Governing Council; that no schools shall resume on our territory in September and do hereby double down on the conditions contained in the press release of July 28, 2017.

“We are hereby calling on the peace-loving people of Southern Cameroons to arm themselves by stocking their homes with as much foodstuff as possible. We shall send out directives on street protests scheduled for the start of September in our subsequent releases. This phase will require a lot of sacrifice and we are urging you all to scrupulously respect the directives that will be dished out in the days ahead so that we can all stay safe”.

“The publication of this press release,” they state, “ has provoked the wrath of the Government; the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Ndumu Nji and the Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolf Lele L’Afrique, have called the move ‘outright madness’.”

Speaking on National Radio, the duo said the economies of the English-speaking Regions have suffered tremendously from the “senseless ghost towns instituted by irresponsible leaders of so-called liberation movements based abroad.”

The Government Delegate observed that so much is being lost, citing a 30 percent drop in revenue at the Bamenda City Council, a situation he blamed on the ghost towns operations. He mentioned a number of measures being taken by Government to respond to the worries of Anglophones in Cameroon, among them the planned tarring of roads in Bamenda and the access road into the Region around Babadjou.

In reaction to the criticisms, the outlawed Consortium officials have published another document expatiating on what they claim to be the gains for the business community in respecting the ghost towns operations. According to them, “the poor state of roads within Anglophone Cameroon with the attendant high costs of vehicle maintenance, the extremely high costs of fuel products that simply kill profitability to transporters and other traders as well, the stifling rates of taxes, the unbearable customs duties paid on goods making them too expensive and out of reach and, above all, the decision by Government to get large companies pay their taxes only in Yaounde and Douala, leaving local businesses unable to get quick payments from ‘our treasuries when they execute contracts in our regions’.”

The outlawed Consortium members argue that the ghost towns “shall fast-track the ongoing drive for restoration of independence and allow our people the possibility to define their development priorities, determine the level of taxes reasonable enough to grow businesses as well as bring down brutally the very high costs of petroleum products as it is the case in other petroleum producing countries.”

Meantime, as we were about to go to press, The Post learned that the outlawed Consortium has called off the ghost town operations scheduled to run from August 14 to August 16 of due to the Feast of Assumption that comes up on Tuesday, August 15.


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